I am having a bad day. Admitting you do not feel okay feels like an act of empowerment. So does typing out my feelings instead of writing them in ink, because these angular letters, bright screen, and tapping keys hold weight in our world. The shape of my pain claims to be truer in Times New Roman. Or maybe just flashier. Who knows. All I know is today I am having a bad day. To the teapot for consolation.

I had forgotten what kind of trap a spider lays. The spider’s web that reminded me was thick—more chunks of cloud then spools of fine yarn. It was a clunky web, really, not graceful at all.  I went to the tap to fill the pot with water and there it was on my kitchen window, on the other side of the glass.

Somedays, not always, a second cup of coffee will sabotage my day. I get the shakes all over; my lungs and shinbones quiver. The moth inside the web was like that—like me badly caffeinated—all shaky limbs and misdirected movement, desperate hiccups in a shroud of white film.  So there I stood: elbows pressed into ceramic sink, forehead to my side of the glass, rooting for escape. 


Brian Kershisnik
"Eating Peaches"

Neither land nor women are territories of conquest
Caffeinated topography


Alexander von Humboldt; Geological charts illustrating the formation of mountains, c. 1805.


Alexander von Humboldt, Three of the nine american diaries, 1799-1804.

Sketch of the Orinoco region. Sketch of the Rio Grande de la Magdalena. Topographic sketch of the volcano Pichincha. Drawings: Staatsbibliothek Berlin. Portrait by Friedrich Georg Weitsch, 1806. Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin. Via wiki

Source: the art magazine Arsprototo, Kulturstiftung der Länder. You can download the Humboldt Special (German) here



Ai Wewei exhibit, Toronto. photo by Arthur Goldstein.
I can’t do it. I’ve been so good, but I just can’t go on. He comes into the bathroom when I’m flossing my teeth. I long to be in an elevator with you, stuck between floors. Tell me something filthy. I hate love, don’t you?
by Margaret Atwood, from “Wilderness Tips,” Wilderness Tips (via lifeinpoetry)

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Fisherman & Cats by zoonabar on Flickr.

Yaakov Israel. Abandoned Water Park, Dead Sea, 2010